Pintxos, San Sebastián

ImageIt turns out that eating Pintxos in San Sebastián isn’t as easy as marching into a good looking Pintxos bar and eating what takes your fancy. Or maybe it is if you’re Spanish or can speak the language half decently. Unfortunately we weren’t and couldn’t and found the whole process a bit confusing what with all the pointing and frowning and mispronunciations. It was hard not to become a bit of a spectacle in front of an audience of bemused locals crowded round the bar.

Luckily for us it was Pintxos week and we realised you could order a menu Keler with minimal confusion. For 10€ it got you a couple of beers and a sample of four different pintxos which you could then rate online against other participating bars.


Donostia-San Sebastián is not known as Spain’s foodie hotspot for nothing. Although there was a bit of variation between places, the food was mostly ridiculously good with fresh anchovies, melt in the mouth iberian hams and beautiful stacks of honey drizzled tempura aubergine everywhere. We did find ourselves going back to one place in particular which served up a delicious glass of rioja for a very reasonable 1,20€.


After getting home from the rest of the trip, I must have been having pintxos withdrawal because I found myself piling cured hams and brie and sundried tomatoes onto bits of bread at every opportunity.



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