White chocolate and raspberry cake

I first came across this cake whilst visiting a friend in Leamington Spa for her birthday. Although I had no part in the creation of the cake, and was hardly aquainted with it’s creators, I am sure I ate about half of it myself. It was the best birthday cake I’d ever had.

I then decided to try making it myself for my sister’s birthday and then again for my dad’s birthday and a third time the other day, for my housemate’s birthday.

There are quite a few variation floating around on the internet but here is how I like it..

For a big cake cooked in a 23cm tin:

Beat 270-300g of caster sugar (I find less is best as it’s a very sweet cake) with 300g of butter. Add 4 large eggs one by one. Then add 200g of self raising flour and 100g of ground almonds, a generous pinch of salt and then fold together. Melt 200g of white chocolate, add most of that in (saving about a tablespoon for decoration) and mix in about 200g of raspberries (fresh or from frozen).

Cook at 170 C (fan oven) for 90 mins and cover with foil halfway through so the top doesn’t burn. A skewer should come out clean.

For the icing, purée another 100g or so of raspberries (saving a few good looking ones), sieve out the pips then add in icing sugar until smooth. If you are using particularly sweet raspberries you might want to add a bit of lemon juice
to keep the sharpness.

Ice the cake once it has cooled and drizzle over the remaining white chocolate. Use the last few raspberries for decoration.




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