Mmmmmmm noodle soup

At the end of last term our house got together and cooked a nice roast chicken dinner in early celebration of Christmas day. I made some chicken stock and unable to think of anything interesting to do with it, put it in the freezer.

It re-emerged last week to make room for more important frozen foods and it wasn’t until it had been sitting out for a bit too long that I found this good looking Asian chicken noodle soup recipe. Never mind, I thought, I’ll use one of these handy Knorr stockpots and keep looking at my own stock until it has definitely deteriorated enough to justify throwing it away.

This is one of those nice recipes where a little more or less of anything doesn’t really matter (apart from the fish sauce, careful with that)…

In a pan, fry a large clove of garlic and 3 or 4 chopped spring onions in a little bit of sesame oil (or any oil) then add a handful or two of cooked chicken sliced/shredded. Once the chicken is nicely coated, add 500mls of chicken stock and 200mls of extra water. Add a few splashes of soy sauce, about 2 tsps of fish sauce, some chopped ginger, chilli and a handful of chopped coriander. Bring all this to a gentle boil and a minute or so before you want to eat it, add a few handfuls of singapore noodles and sweetcorn (if that’s your type of thing).

I left the soup on the cooker before going out that evening, reminding myself not to eat it all later in drunken greed but it turns out I offered it to a friend who ate it all anyway. Ever the generous hostess.

chicken noodle soup recipe - 4


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